Fraser family 100yrs, Atget style tribute

I’m up in Glasgow a lot just now helping my wife look after my mum and dad. They are both in their 80’s now and are unfortunately not in best of health.  My dad has decided that it’s time to de-clutter their flat and to that end he’s been going through old boxes and chucking stuff out or sending it to recycling. While going through one box he came across a few old photo albums. These photo albums were his elder half brothers. He would have been around 110-112ish now if he were alive. Many of the photo’s in it were taken by my grandfather who I never met. He died the day before WW2 ended in europe. My fathers family are from Sutherlandshire and many of those photos were taken at the family croft near a place called Rogart. Some shots however are in Glasgow and I think from around Loch Lomond. Along with these I’ve got photos of my mum and dad in Glasgow before the war and just after the war as well as many from their time in Sri Lanka in the late 50’s early 60’s and my own childhood growing up in Glasgow in the 70’s and 80’s. I’ve decided to seek out the locations I know or I think I can find to rephotograph them now to show just how much has changed in 100yrs. For this project I am not just using my iPhone but I will just post the iPhone and original shots here as I progress

Here are a three shots of some photo’s in the first album we’ve gone through.

The wee boy is my Uncle Alistair. He was my dad’s elder half brother, 27 yrs his senior. Alistairs mother died when he was very young and he was taken back up to Rogart in Sutherlandshire to be brought up by my grandfathers sister. He came back down to Glasgow in his 20’s. When I knew him he was already an old man but he was a mean fiddle player and he gave me encouragement when I started learning, although I have since given up. He would often be found playing the fiddle in his local pub off Sauchiehall St and the punters would buy him a nip and a half to keep him playing. We have estimated that this picture was taken around 1902.)

Alistair in Kelvingrove circa 1900

Alistair and probably his mother watching a car go down a road somewhere in Glasgow, probably near Firhill…probably no chance of finding this road.

Cars in unknown street

Here is a vista that I did find though.

Glasgow University from Kelvingrove Park circa 1900 followed by the current view taken with my iPhone

Glasgow University from Kelvingrove Park circa 1900

Glasgow University from Kelvingrove Park, Sept 2010

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  1. Miko says:

    What a fabulous find those photo albums were! Fantstic story and a really cool idea for a project – you can tell, I’m already hooked.

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