iCAST ver1.0, How to Edit using a single app

Welcome to the first of my iNOLOGIST iCASTS

This iCAST explains why I took an image and then how I went about processing it in iphone in order to get my idea across to the viewer. It’s a simple one image, one app edit. In future iCasts I hope to show multi-app and image processing.

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3 Responses to “iCAST ver1.0, How to Edit using a single app”

  1. Jim Maxwell says:

    Hi Gordon – nice work – will PM you with some specific feedback on AVF


  2. Miko Mayer says:

    Fantastic work! Love the idea of the iCast and you’ve done such a good job. Really am impressed.

  3. Nicki Fitz-Gerald says:

    Hi Gordon.

    This is a great iCAST. I love pace of it and glad you added the audio, it really needed it. I like the lead up and background to why and how you decided to process the image and great result. Thanks for sharing this.

    As you know my new iphoneography website (iphoneographycentral.com) is in beta stage at the moment. We have lots of multi-app tutorials and I would love to have your video on our site, with, of course, a link back to your site. It would be also be good to tie it in with an advert, maybe an artist feature if you could send me something before the Apple Talk date in Glasgow.

    Please let me know if you would like to do any of the above.

    Many thanks, Nicki.

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