Gallery Exhibition Video

Stonehenge, World Heritage Site, Wiltshire, England

When I take a photograph I primarily do it for myself. However, once it is created I want to share it with as many folk as possible in the hope they might enjoy it in some way too. To that end I have entered many images for possible inclusion in gallery shows or books or competitions.

So far I’ve done alright having five images in a show at Easter in California and now another chosen for a much smaller exhibition in another gallery in California. These shows have been the brain child of Knox Bronson . The current show is on till mid June and features some really beautiful iPhone images…..and mine shown above. You can buy a copy of the programme with all the shots printed out and you can also get a little video tour of the installation on Knox’s site. My shot appears right at the end.

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  1. Tobers says:

    Good work that man. “iPhoneographer” – classic.

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