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I’ve been meaning to write a few blog posts and add some daily photo’s but just haven’t got round to it. Part of it has to do with time but I think that part of it has to do with that, fear of failure, thing I worry about.

During my  Apple talk I spoke about how I try to think about what I want my viewer to experience when I am taking a shot and when I am processing it. My problem is that sometimes I find it hard to communicate this in the taking or the processing!

Case in point: Also during the talk I showed images of stonehenge and of Jodrell Bank that I took with my medium format camera just after I got it. I have since taken some great images of the henge with my iPhone but I’ve never been back to Jodrell Bank to do the same. Last weekend though, on way home from the talk in Glasgow, I found myself about 15 minutes from where it is in Cheshire. So I decided to re-route and try to get a decent shot of it with the phone. Driving around the perimeter of the place you are struck by just how big it is and also, weirdly, how antiquated and almost steampunkish it is. It’s obviously futuristic in what it does but the mechanics of it looks like something that Brunel would have made. Now with an iPhone you get a fixed, wide angle lens. If you want to make the dish fill the lens you have to get closer but you can’t at Jodrell Bank. At least not easily. I stopped and took images in many locations. Luckily just as I was giving up hope the dish swung round to point straight in to the sun, removing the bulk of the shadow off the dish itself and allowing me to nip in to a field to get probably as close as is possible without security coming after you. Back home I started working on the processing and I’m still working on it. I’m not happy that I have the final processed shot yet but in the meantime, here’s where I’m at.

searching for the dark side of the moon

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