Daily pic: Buncrana Beach

So my first nnight over on the emerald isle was spent in a little hotel in Buncrana. It was a friday evening at the beginning of the rugby world championships in New Zealand.  I got to my hotel and checked in. Not a great luxurious place but warm, dry and a bed. Headed off to the bar across the car park to get some food and a guiness or two. After a few beers and some food a pile of folk come in, obviously having had a few beers themselves already and they set up a round of drinks and start making speeches. Very strange, some are in shorts and t-shirts, other in trousers shirts and ties. I am perplexed. Decide to leave and head to bed.

2.30 ish am and I am woken by someone banging on door of a nearby room, swearing and cursing but not in an agressive way but in a strangely happy joking way. It’s still bloody loud and annoying though. This goes on for about 10 minutes until it’s obvious to me that I can now hear around 4 or 5 or more folk in the room through the wall from me, along with the sound of the rugby on the tv. Yep, they’d chosen to head from the bar to this guys room to watch the first rugby match of the day in New Zealand. I was subjected to cheers and boo’s for the duration. Then, at 5.30, it was calm again. I got some sleep. Up at 8.30 to get ready to check out though. So I head over to the desk to check out and find the receptionist on the phone to one of their bar staff. She is asking him if he can come in right now and open the bar as the golfers are camped out demanding it be opened for them to start drinking and watching the, about to start, Ireland match. Yep, it turns out Irish golfers are hardcore. Drink till 5.30 am, sleep for 3 hrs, get up and head to the pub for more drinks and sport. At the time it wasn’t as funny as it is now….

Back to the daily pic though. After I’d seen my client I headed back past the bay where i’d been staying and decided to stop the car to phone my wife from a lovely picturesque spot looking out over the beach to another part of Donegal. As I was on the phone to her I turned around and saw this guy taking off his clothes to reveal his swimming trunks. I hung up on my wife and started to rush after him to try to get a shot as he headed down the path¬† (that was in yesterdays post image). Just got there too late but still managed to get him walking across beach to the sea. It was not warm here…it was cold, and windy.

nutter takes a swim

nutter takes a swim

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