Portrait: How to…

inologist, self portrait

inologist, self portrait

I have been asked in comments section on original post about “the girl who likes hats“, how I took and post processed the images. So this is a very short piece about that.

First off. My mum is old and frail and can’t stay standing for long so I had to use a comfortable low backed chair for her to sit in. There was no possibility of heading off to a studio somewhere so my dining room had to become a photo studio for a day. I have a roll of polar white backing paper from calumet that I bought to use with my old DSLR and flash gear. I pulled it out of garage, unrolled about 5ft of paper and put the roll on top of the curtain rail in front of my french windows. That was backdrop sorted. I now needed to light her.

I have a pair of 750watt constant source interfit lights and i bought a softbox for them that is ideal for headshot portraits. I didn’t want heavy shadows on her face or on background so the large softbox, close to her would be ideal, big, soft light. Lastly, i wanted a continuity of composition so I chose to stick the iphone in a borrowed tripod mount. I needed a tripod mount for another project and I had been given an Owle Bubo to review so I tried it out for first time on this project. I now had control of light, camera and subject position. All I then had to do was take photo’s.

Processing was done in snapseed. The original images were put in to snapseed then the drama filter was applied on top, dialled down to around 70% I think. This then went to the detail filters where I added 20% sharpness and 10% on structure. Lastly I put in a little selective blur with the tiltshift feature of that app. I played with other types of blur in other apps but in the end found it faster and easier to do it all in snapped.

Hope this was of use.

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  1. Andrew Tobin says:

    Very interesting – I was wondering how you’d done those shots. I love the background support :-)

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