The Future

Falkirk Wheel, Lock on Canal, Scotland

At the beginning of this week I speculated in a post on a photography forum that soon we would have phones with high res sensors, better lenses and flash, powerful processing and the ability to run the equivalent of photoshop on them, at which point compact camera’s would be consigned to the annals of history. Well, I think I may have been wrong. I don’t often talk about apps but I’ve just read a quick blog post over at Life in LOFI, another site I read every day. I almost never noticed it’s importance but I thought it needed bringing to wider audience.

Many iPhoneographers limit themselves to only using apps processed on their phone. I do. Even if I am sending a shot in for a competition that allows external processing of the image I will tend to leave it as is from camera. The processor in iPhones combined with it’s memory, limits just what you can actually achieve in phone though. In fact many apps warn that if you want to process full res images be prepared for the thing to crash and burn. Not great. So how about if you have an app that uses your image but does the processing on a much more powerful remote platform. Yep , this app Photomizer, does just that. I have no idea if its the first but that’s what it does. You upload the image to be optimised to them via network connection and then you can control what happens to it before it is “saved” back to your phone. I imagine this could be pretty powerful way to do things. Maybe lightly ahead of its time with current limited high speed network coverage but a sign of things to come. No review of the app from me as I am not one for automated fixing software…and it wont run on my iPhone as my operating firmware is not up to date enough.

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