It’s that time of year

view of terminal building at Heathrow T5. Not very friendly

Terminal 5, Heathrow, London

So another year over, a new one to begin (paraphrasing here)……

I had big plans for this year. Taylor Wessing portrait prize, Royal Academy Summer show…..other varied photo projects…but as my fellow countryman said, “The best laid schemes of mice and men / Go oft awry”

This time last year my wife and I were holed up in snow locked Glasgow trying to work out how to move my mum and dad down south to live with use before Christmas. My dad had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and wanted my mum, who has Alzheimers, to be safely ensconced with us before his passing. It wasn’t to be. Two days after the move on 22nd dec he died and my mum was left having moved to England and a new home she’d never seen, coping with the death of her husband a couple of months before her 60th wedding anniversary.

The subsequent months and the chaos that ensued stopped any planned photographic activities. Dealing with my fathers estate, working out a daily procedure for coping with my mum and her frequent stays in hospital (often presuming it was the end) was rather stressful. In fact, it still is. I have no idea how folk who have no money to pay for care cope with this sort of stuff. We pay for a couple of hours care 5 days a week to allow my wife to go out and shop if I am out working, or for us to go for a coffee together at local Sainsbury…but a night out involves paying £100 odd quid for 3 or 4 hours care…and you spend most of the time worrying if everything is alright at home.

But again, it’s a photo blog! So what of the pics. Well, there were some. Some that were good. Some that were bad. For the rest of this week I’ll show the good, no bad. It’s been a year now and I have more plans to add to those that never happened last year. It’s actually a very exciting time. It feels like the last year has been a big test of endurance and now I can see a finish line. So for a few days expect to see some of my favourites from the limited images I took in last 12 months. Nearer end of December I’ll talk about what is happening right now and my plans for 2012.

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