to the future: coming up

girl climbs from pool, blurred

leaving the pool


So nearing the end of the year I am starting to think about plans and projects for the future. Some strange serendipitous stuff has happened these last few days.


My wife bought me a couple of books for Christmas. One a book of images by Helmut Newton and the other Annie Leibovitz latest about her career in photography. She didn’t realise but at the same time she had bought be those I’d also bought myself two photographic books. One a collection of nudes and the other about the creation of nude photographs. The later is a book which is not a “how to” book but rather a discussion of the nude in art and the concepts applied in the creation of the images. It’s focus is not so much on mechanics but in thought process and I found it quite fascinating. So you’ve probably guessed that next year will see me return to doing nudes.

Above is a brief rework of a never before published image from 2010.

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