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black and white image fo a girl holding her necklace with a bare breast showing.

ami nude


I spent a few hours today trying to find an old image i took in february 2009 with my old DSLR. My wife wanted to use it for some purpose or other. I opened up lightroom for the first time in about 2yrs to try to find it but to no avail. Dug out old back up hard disks only to discover that my mac devices wont read them! So for now, she’ll have to wait. However, during the process i came across a few images i took on my first big iphone model shoot.

I had taken along a friends Canon 1DMK3 DSLR in case folk got a bit distressed or uncomfortable with me just using my iphone. As it turned out everyone was fine but i rattled off a few images with the DSLR anyway just to see what it was like. This is one of those images that I processed at default settings to jpg in lightroom then sent to my iphone4S so I could post process it the same way I would an iphone shot. It’s gone through snapseed, coolfx and dramatic black and white app. Anyway, it’s the last image for this year.

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