Song Book: Jocelyn Square by Love and Money

Street sign of Jocelyn Sq, Glasgow, from Love and Money song title

It's raining now, raining on Jocelyn Square


Jocelyn Square, Love and Money

I wrote you a letter and sent it on the first of July
Now it’s November and still I have had no reply
It’ll be my birthday soon, if I don’t see you I’ll survive
But I would be happy, if you’d let me know you’re still alive
I still live on Jocelyn Square, nothing much has really changed
I still think about you, but only when it rains
Sometimes you don’t know somethings open till it shuts
I loved you so much, I hated your guts
You blinded me I refused to see your doubt
It’s raining now
Raining on Jocelyn Square
It’s raining now
Raining on Jocelyn Square

This is the first verse and chorus of a great song by Glasgow band Love and Money. If you haven’t got it then go find a copy of their classic album
Strange Kind of Love

As part of one of my photo projects for this year I’m visiting locations named in songs and photographing them. I’ve been home to Glasgow on business and took the opportunity to grab a few shots on a Sunday off. This is Jocelyn Square in Glasgow. I’m presuming this is the location that is sung about…but of course, it might not be. However, it’s in a very old part of Glasgow City Centre, very near the Clyde. There is a building to the left of the image that is the Mortuary beside the High Court. The only flats left are the ones you can see, classic tenements with shops and offices on ground floor. The office on the corner left tenement is for Victim Support. Across the road, behind the camera is Glasgow Green.

Here is a little video of James Grant and the boys playing it live in Glasgow

and here is the actual music video. The street in the video is actually Gardner St in Partick (west end of Glasgow near where i was brought up) It’s the steepest street in Glasgow and I remember trying to cycle up it as a wee boy and panicing in case I stopped and fell backwards off my bike!



if you have other locations from songs please send them to me…i already have a pile but the more the merrier

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