Song Book: Your Swaying Arms, Deacon Blue

couple walking hand in hand in Kelvin Way on a sunny sunday afternoon

in Kelvin Way

Your swaying arms:   Deacon Blue

One day I can see us walking
Arm and arm in sheltered Kelvin Way
Talking and tripping and teasing
And heading for the best part of the day

When your head will fall softly on our pillow
No fear will make you cry or turn grey
We will wake so early in the morning
Knowing you’ll never, never, never go away


The Kelvin Way is a boulevard that bi-sects Kelvingrove park in the west end of Glasgow. It runs beside the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Glasgow University. In late spring and summer the canopy of leaves from the trees does indeed make it very shaded. At weekends, when this image was taken, there are lots of young families and couples out walking its length to get from the residential areas in west end to the galleries and park. During the week you are much more likely to see students making their way to and from lectures.

My father was brought up in a tenement flat just beside the Kelvin Way. There is a bridge over the Kelvin down by the museum and either side of its central columns are statues. There’s a plaque on the statues that explains how they have been repaired as they were severely damaged during a single night of the Blitz on Clydebank. The night that happened my dad and his brothers were looking out the window of their ground floor flat, watching the sky being lit up by bombs and anti aircraft fire. They saw a parachute coming down in front of the window and watched it float past on to the bowling greens in the Kelvingrove park opposite. It was only when it landed and blew up that they discovered it was a bomb. One of my uncles lost his eye and the others woke up with concussion and covered in fallen ceiling plaster.

My own story about the Kelvin Way is that it was the scene of one of my first youthful driving offenses. The speed limit used to be 20 miles an hour and I was driving along behind a hackney cab that was doing 20 on the dot (no-one did 20 in that street and the limit is now 30). I couldn’t understand why he was going so slow so I pulled out and overtook, looking at him to see whether he was reading a paper or something. As I got level I suddenly realised he was doing 20 as he was behind a police car. I had no option but to continue to overtake the police car as well and unsurprisingly I was immediately pulled over on University Avenue at the end of the Kelvin Way. That was not to be my last incident with a police car in that street.

It is a beautiful part of the city of Glasgow and well worth a visit. You can see a previous shot I took in it here at foot of page

Below is the music video for the song. I have no idea what is going on in this video or why Ricky Ross appears to have been auditioning for Twilight 25 yrs early..

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  1. Melanie says:

    Loved this!

    Very wise not to release your entire criminal record all at once. Dribs and drabs is definitely the way to go there…

    As for Ricky does Edward, I have to say this makes more sense to me than those nuns with baseball bats on the upper deck of that bus.

    All the nuns I know drive Fiats.

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