Song Book: Killermont St, Aztec Camera

Buses leaving Glasgow, Buchanan terminus in Killermont Street

we can get there by bus, from Killermont Street

Killermont St, Aztec Camera

And with collar upturned
I made it south to see
That the love I had spurned
Was just the hate in me

As the ships and the steel
Slip away to the cry of “compete”
There’s a message for us
We can get there by bus
From Killermont St

Killermont Street is in the northern part of Glasgow city-centre. It’s the home to Buchanan Bus Station. It’s the main bus terminus in Glasgow, like Victoria in London. This song is, I think, a classic. It’s melancholic, beautiful and perhaps at the end uplifting. Bus stations everywhere are never destinations in themselves but points on a journey, helping folk to get from somewhere they don’t want to be to somewhere they do.

It obviously touched Roddy Frame somehow. Watch and listen, he’s as good today as he was when he first wrote the song.

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