Song Book: Somewhere in my Heart, Aztec Camera

picture of a road sign in Westwood, East Kilbride, trying to mimic the Hollywood sign, California

Westwood or Hollywood?

Somewhere in my Heart: Aztec Camera

A star above the city in the northern chill
A baby being born to the overkill
No say, no place to go
A tv and a radio

Ambition and love wearing boxing gloves
And singing hearts and flowers
But somewhere in my heart there is a star that shines for you
Silver splits the blue, love will see us through
And somewhere in my heart there is the will to set you free
And all you’ve got to be is true

Who could heal what’s never been as one?
And our hearts have been torn, since the day we were born
Just like anyone

From Westwood to Hollywood
The one thing that’s understood
Is that you can’t buy time but you can sell your soul
And the closest thing to heaven is to rock and roll


Westwood is an area of East Kilbride. East Kilbride is a “new town”. Well actually it was an old town but it become heavily developed in to a “new town” to create a commuter satellite for Glasgow. Just after the war there were housing shortages and a regional development plan was created to make these “new towns”.  East Kilbride was the first area allocated for this purpose in 1946. Nowadays it’s almost a suburb of Glasgow with virtually no green space between the city and it.

Roddy Frame, the man who is Aztec Camera, was brought up in the area of East Kilbride known as Westwood. The story goes that he said to one of his mates, I’m going to go from Westwood to Hollywood….and sure enough he put it in this song.

here’s the man in action again

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