P1XELS 2.0


Back when I started taking photos on my iPhone I was searching the internet for like minded folk, people who appeared to appreciate and share my joy of making images with my iPhone. During this search I came across pixelsatanexhibition.com

Knox Bronson, the creator of the website, had made a curated online gallery. It was different to phase, flickr and all those other repositories of online images. This was a gallery which didn’t just publish any old tat. Knox curated it and only put up images he felt were genuinely interesting pieces of art. I submitted a few of my own and had them knocked back. At first it was hard to take. However, to be fair, those images were not that interesting to anyone but me and were pretty derivative stuff. I kept at it though and when Knox announced an open call for images to go in to a real world gallery show, the first of its kind anywhere in the world featuring solely iPhone images, I took some more and submitted them. Amazingly several were chosen to be printed and hung in the show at the Giorgio Gallery. Even more amazingly some were bought! That show was paid for out of Knox own pocket. He financed it and the ongoing promotion of the art of iphoneography for a few years. More shows and publications followed and p1xels, as it became known, ended up as the place to have your work shown. It’s grown up now though with lots more images online and the requirements of the artists and Knox are no longer being met.

To that end Knox is trying to raise funds for the next stage in P1xels development. A new site will be created that is html5, hi res retina display compliant, with social networking, galleries that can be cedited by the artists, online shopping for fine art prints, the whole shooting match. Its not cheap to do though. It’s beyond the pocket of one man. So there is now an online campaign to raise funds to help the continued promotion of this, our phonographic art. I’d ask that if you have enjoyed looking at pixels in the last 3 years or if you have ever submittted or had work published on it, that you put your hand in your pocket and give a little back. Dependant on how much you donate you may even get some nice art for your trouble. Thanks for reading.


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