It’s in my DNA

I’ve written about my photographic journey on here before as well as talking a lot about it in my lectures at the Apple Stores in UK. For the last 6 months it’s been continuing. There has been little actual content of worth produced though. Personal life has partly got in the way along with a desire to learn and try new things.

The early part of last year brought me great success in myself with my conceptual work as well as my figurative stuff, not to mention my portraits.

Steph as Loki

I managed to use processes to my advantage to get the ideas in my head on to a page as it were. Rather than taking an image then playing with it i had my ideas planned and then used the tools of my phone and the apps to bring them to life. My desire to show the beauty of the female form came together in the lighting and processing I developed for the black v white series

Spirit of Ecstasy, Black v White

and the unique ability of the iPhone camera came in to play to create my DNA profile strips of streets in London.

Cities are a living breathing thing and they are created by the people who populate them. I’m really proud of that work and proud that some of it has been shown in Galleries in USA and Europe. Now though I am battling to move on.

During my continuous testing of apps I came across some that created fake wet plate images. I like what they did and weirdly just around the same time I came across videos of folk who were practicing this actual historic process. As i looked in to it more it became obvious that the app’d images, even the ones I had reworked and reworked, were not really anything like the real thing. Seeing videos of these images appearing on plates of glass in front of your eyes inspired me. I had to learn how to do it. That’s where a lot of the last 6 months went. Learning the technique and acquiring the tools for this process is not cheap or simple. Every session of wet plate brings new lessons to learn, problems to solve. I love it though. I love the super detailed in focus areas, the great tonality of the mono plates and the wonderful out of focus features. When it all works the end result, the object itself, is beautiful. So what’s my problem…..well, i’m not one to take pictures just because I can.

Back in the days when i started taking photographs I would take images of just about anything. Flowers, boats, buildings, bins, sculptur, you name it i took it. Most left me cold. Even the images that were technically good and compositionally elegant just didn’t really do anything for me. Then as i became more focused I would go out to take images and not take any simply because i saw nothing that interested me. As part of a group of like minded friends we would often go out together and take pictures and often we’d come back and i’d have pictures, good pictures that others seemed to like but I was just going through the motions at times and many had no emotional connection for me. I’d see the others images and love some of what they had done. I’d have been in the same location at the same time but i wouldn’t have seen what they had seen or been moved the way they had to create “their” vision and it showed in the difference between our work. Other times of course I would be inspired and would take some stuff I loved. It just re-enforced the idea that the best work you do is stuff YOU want to create. The last iPhone stuff I did at beginning and middle of 2012 was some of my best work i think and I’m sure it was because I’d mastered my tools and was following my own vision. So here I am, Jan 2013…not a master of my new tools and struggling to find a vision….more to come.

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  1. James Watt says:

    Interesting post.
    Maybe vision just takes time, a lot o looking about and taking things in. My favourite thing for inspiation is look at other peoples photobooks and projects.

    We need to meet up! Would love to hear about what you’ve been up to and some results! I’ve finally started to get some final photos from my trip after months o hassle (computers and harddrives packing up), so can show you some o them as well.

    Should be interesting to see what comes next!

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