Make time to shoot

Covent Garden, 6.00am

I mention in my book about how my work takes me all over the UK and sometimes further afield. Like most folk I work during daylight hours but unfortunately for me I also have to work a lot at weekends. Working for myself it also means I tend to work whenever I can and rarely take time out to just relax and work on my iPhoneography.

Last weekend I had to go to central London to see a client. The prospect of driving in to Covent Garden on a Saturday morning fills me with dread though. So I decided to get up at 5.00am, drive in super early and wander around photographing what I could. To get better you need to practice so I try to force myself when opportunity presents itself. There had to be some inspiration found in the city at sunrise on a Saturday morning. The light is always nice early, golden, with long shadows thrown to the ground. My only problem on the day was harassment from the unfortunate folk who roam the streets looking for food, drugs or sex. I’d suggest if anyone reading this fancies having a go, take a friend with you.

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