Post Processing an iPhone image

I limit myself to doing all processing of my iPhone images in camera. I love the fact I can take a photograph, try a couple of quick processes in phone, check what it looks like and if it’s not working, shoot again. On my trip to London from previous post I had parked near Covent Garden and Soho. I went for a walk, took some shots, then headed back to the car to see what I could knock up. 10 minutes listening to the radio and I had a handful of great images I was happy with, even sent one off to pixelsatanexhibition online gallery via email.

Anyway I thought I’d show my thought process and how I went about creating one of my images from that trip. Here is the original shot. It’s of a mannequin in a lingerie shop window. It was shot through the grills of the shop. I liked the pose they put the thing in and thought that the red lingerie could be made to pop out of a dark background if I did things right.

Original unprocessed image

The first thing I did was put the shot in to a processing app that adds different filters on top. These filters take different styles and you can adjust the intensity of the effects. I wanted to add some contrast and saturation of the reds. This app also allows you to stack these filters so once I’d done that I decided to add some interesting lighting. One of the filters allows you to add an effect that is like a GOBO. GoBo’s are things that go between the light source and the subject, throwing shapes and shadows. This app lets you choose multiple shapes, ie windows (multiple shapes and sizes), blinds….etc. I used one for blinds. I spun it to make the lines run down the mannequins body and I altered the blurriness of the shadow to suit the feel I wanted.

Add shadows and saturation

This was more like it but there was still all that crap in background and it wasn’t noire-ish and moody enough for my liking. So I added another filter to darken down the mid and low tones a lot more and add a little blur. This version was good but in the process of darkening it down I had lost detail in the eyes and the hair.

Darken tones

The final image had to be a mix of the best parts of each image. So I used another app to layer both of them on top of each other and then paint back in the detail from the lighter one on to the dark one in the areas I wanted. Job done!

Processed Film Noire Mannequin

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