Camera Upgrade

How sad am I…I’ve had a new camera now for 6 days and until yesterday evening I had not taken a single photo with it. I guess I hadn’t read my last post! I didn’t want my first shot to be some random crap….but it turns out that is exactly what I took photo’s of.

Every Monday I meet up with my photography buddies for pizza and a pint at one of several local pubs.  Anyway, I digress. As it’s summertime, when the pub in question is within walking distance, I go for a 30-45 minute walk to get some fresh air. Yesterday was just such an evening. Headed out to walk over Stoke Park (large park used for recreation and sports). This park has several baseball diamonds, a running track, two cricket pitches(in the winter several rugby pitches) and lots and lots of other free space for folk to use. The local school use the running track that’s lined out as do several local athletics clubs I think. It is also the location for Guilfest ( a blues and folk festival) and once a year it gets railed off to pubic and a camping ground is created beside the stage area for the four days duration. Last week I had to walk around the park because of this.

This week though the railings were down and I had a straight run across. The sight that met me was pretty appalling though and it made me stop the podcast I was listening to and start documenting the scene in front of me. Tons of rubbish strewn around. Abandoned gazebo’s, tents, bicycles…food waste, bottles, cans, clothes!. What a mess. The camping area had been split in to a “family area” and “everyone else” area. The family area was clean and tidy and the other area was the bomb site. I had to take pics. I rarely take images as photo-documentary but this forced me to and it’s now become another project to work on while doing other things.

Anyway, to lighten up the mood, here is a more entertaining shot of some of the rubbish.

I can see magic

oh…and the new camera is an iPHONE 4

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  1. James Watt says:

    Did lady gaga play at Guilfest? Blimey! Bling bling…

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