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Camera+ is a replacement camera app for iPhone. It has some features I always wanted but for many it’s possibly a step too far.

There have been repalcement camera apps for ages. I’ve tried a fair amount and always gone back to the default camera included with the iPhone operating system. In the past these apps have added some useful functionality but the massive increase in saving time for an image has always made me return to the orignal. I can’t be bothered with taking a shot and then waiting an age before I can take the next shot. Camera+ seems to get round this by saving images not to the camera roll but to its own lightbox. Then, once you are done shooting, you can get the app to save the shots to the camera roll where they are accessible to other applications.

One of the other features of camera+ is one that many iPhone users have wished for and it’s the one that I suspect will divide the community. That is exposure control. In the past you could tap to focus and the camera would set exposure automatically for that spot. Now though you can tap to set focus point and then use another finger to slide the exposure point around the screen. This flexibility is great but there are those who love the fact that the limited capability of the old camera app meant you had to be more creative to get interesting images. I can see both sides of the equation. However when I’ve been trying to do my nudes in studio or with studio lighting I’ve longed for exposure control as it was so hard to achieve what I wanted with the previous functionality.

Here’s another example of how useful it can be. In the past I have tried doing some HDR with my iPhone and Pro HDR. Well, they call it HDR but it isn’t really…it’s more tone mapping using dual exposures, one for the highlights and one for the lowlights. The HDR app then combines them together. The problem I’e always found is that when you do have extreme contrast levels in a scene where this tone mapping would be of use, the old camera app would also end up with extreme exposures at either end, causing really bad haloing or weird unreal looking results. Here is an example from a while ago. Two shots taken in Botanic Gardens in Glasgow and then tonemapped. None of them useable, imho.

Now look at this from the St Peters shoot. I used the variable exposure in camera+ to get a more balanced pair of shots to combine to create this.

St Peters graffiti

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  1. Tobers says:

    Very cool looking app – I like the ability to selectively expose for the scene which makes the image merging results look far better.

  2. Mark says:

    Interesting article, thanks for posting. Had no idea you could tap the screen for focus and expose, though the option to set the two individually sound very useful.

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